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Support SLA

The Adon Team business hours are Monday - Friday 10 AM - 5pm GMT+3.  However, it is quite common for support cases to be worked on and answered much later than this, and even over weekends - your issues are important to us!

Public Holidays


Jan 1 Friday New Year's Day National holiday
Jan 4 Monday New Year Holiday Week     National holiday
Jan 5 Tuesday New Year Holiday Week National holiday
Jan 7 Thursday Orthodox Christmas Day Orthodox Christmas Day
Jan 8 Friday New Year Holiday Week National holiday
Feb 23 Tuesday     Defender of the Fatherland Day National holiday
Mar 8 Tuesday International Women's Day National holiday
May 1 Sunday Spring and Labor Day National holiday
May 2 Monday Spring and Labor Day observed National holiday
May 9 Monday Victory Day National holiday
Jun 12 Sunday Russia Day National holiday
Jun 13 Monday Russia Day observed National holiday

Support Includes

Help with product installation
Help with product upgrades
Help troubleshooting problems with add-ons.
Help identifying workarounds to problems with add-ons.

Support Channels

Email. Email is fine for initial queries.

Case Studies

  1. Abacus

Have you ever faced in JIRA with a necessity to calculate different fields? We suppose yes.

And also we suppose that this task was very inconvenient to make.
Just try to imagine: for example your business needs to make a wild range of calculations. Science, banking, accounting, risk management, etc. For sure you`ll need to summarize/multiply/other calculations with data fields. It`s like in Excel.
Do you need to make operation with 2,3,4,5….. number fields? No problem!
The solution need to be a very user-friendly, easy and convenient. Do you agree?
We suggest you to use plugin Abacus which will help your business to make all kinds of number calculations.

  1. Search by roles

Does your business is deeply involved in project system of functioning? Does all the projects have it`s private project roles and the users assigned to these roles? Do you need to have 360° view on all projects, project roles in one page and create an instant report for it?

For example, you are dealing in a sphere of telecommunications with a wild list of customers. Do you agree that it`s very inconvenient to enter into each project to analyze info about it? And what will be if you need to work with a scope of projects?

Let the plugin Search by roles to save your time!

Using plugin Search by roles you can easily filter all the necessary project info and generate a report.

  1. Free HR

No matter in what sphere of business your company is involved into. This plugin will be useful even for educational establishments, libraries, factories, shops and so on.
If your staff includes more than 2 persons – welcome! Plugin Free HR needs to be yours!

We think that it`s absolutely clear that manager want to control the list of uninvolved (free) staff. It`s like 2*2=4! Agree?

So plugin Free HR will easily help each manager (and not only manager) to have a flat list of his free employees.

  1. Link fields

How do you think is it necessary function for JIRA-users to transmit field values between different issues? Correct answer-yes. Do you think that it can be done based on links? Correct answer-yes!

Plugin Free HR can be helpful in each sphere where the reflection of many fields is necessary to be viewed complexly in one place. Banking, medicine, science, IT, industry, accounting, etc.

For example, in banking this plugin will help user to reflect all data dedicated to Fix Assets or another one.  Any modification of link fields you want.

Try to use Link fields and your JIRA will be thankful to you:)

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